Netatalk fix after Ubuntu upgrade

Apples Time Machine is really a wonderfull piece of software for automating the backup process of my Macbook Pro. Networked Time Machine backup requires an AFP Volume. So I installed Netatalk on my Ubuntu desktop (which have tons of GB disk space), made a 100 GB image on it with Apples Disk Utility and pointed my Macbook to backup to that image with Time Machine. Read the rest of this entry »

SLiM Simple login manager on FreeBSD

fbsd Couple of days ago I decided to throw away GDM as login manager for my laptop and to install SLiM, a simple and nice independent graphical login manager for X11. Installing was easy as always thanks to the great job of the port maintainers.

Enabling SLiM in FreeBSD is as easy as appending slim_enable=”YES” to your /etc/rc.conf file.
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Change owner or group of a symbolic link

According to the chown(8) man page:
The chown utility changes the user ID and/or the group ID of the specified files. Symbolic links named by arguments are silently left unchanged unless -h is used.

So, what does this really mean. Read the rest of this entry »

Howto install and make a nice ZSH command prompt on FreeBSD Mac OSX and Linux

So you want to start enjoying arguable worlds best shell zsh (Z shell).
Well, I will show you how to install zsh on FreeBSD, Mac and Linux and how to customize the zsh prompt to get a nice coloured and informative command prompt which will update your current working path.
Also I will show you how to use editor vi with coloured syntax highlighting Read the rest of this entry »